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Customizing a Theme

The look and feel of your job site can be just as important as the jobs you post. All Smartjobbboard websites come with a default pre-built theme that will give your website a nice, clean look and feel that will definitely contribute to the strength of your brand. But, if you need to customize the default theme to make it more unique, we offer a plenty of customization options, that you’re welcome to use!

Navigate to your Admin Interface > Appearance > Customize Theme there you will see a rich panel with all customization options.

Drag and Drop Design Tool

When clicking on the Customize Theme section, you will see interface with different widgets that you can control. This is the Drag and Drop design tool. It will allow you to add, remove and edit blocks you want to have on your homepage. You can add more content to your homepage. Besides of enriching your site visually, this will allow you to increase your SEO ranking. You will see all of the changes you make on the design interface instantly:

Edit, Delete sections

You can see it in the center of the page.  It consists of different separate widgets that are responsible for each homepage section. You can Delete, move, or Edit each of them:  

Delete is easy.

Move- the fun part! Just grab the section by crisscross sign and drop it wherever you feel like.

When you click on Edit option, this tool allows you to modify the look and feel right there:


Add Section

Do you want to add completely different content? No problem! Just click on the + sign:

The Add Section consists of different widgets, so you can decide what nature of content you want to add:

  • Seach form: this is a quick search form, where you can choose header text, background image and color.
  • Featured companies: choose your own title for the section, and number of companies you want to be displayed there.
  • Text: You might want to add some words about yourself, or any other text. Use Text widget to display any text content you have. It will allow you to choose background image, and format the text to match your whole homepage design.
  • Job list: list jobs of your choice. You can display Latest jobs, Featured jobs, highlight them, and choose number of jobs to display there.
  • Jobs by: You can  enable or disable dislay of "Jobs By Category", "Jobs by City", "Jobs by State" and "Jobs by Country" on your homepage. You can choose to sort them by alphabetical order or by quantity of jobs in each section.
  • Job alert form: add a job alert form on the homepage, for users to sign up for alerts instantly
  • Blog Articles: You can add your blog posts right on the hopemage, in order to engage your audience more
  • HTML: You can use your own HTML code. Freedom to implement something you have in mind, that goes outside of existing forms is yours!

NOTE:  Please make sure to upgrade your current theme (if it doesn’t support the drag and drop tool) to the new theme with the drag and drop interface. You can Contact Us, in case if you need step by step instructions. 

General Settings

Adding a Logo and a Favicon

Start with uploading your logotype. Click Upload File button to upload a new image from your computer.

For the best results, we recommend images of up to 160px wide and 50px tall. 

Next, upload Favicon. Favicon is the icon that will display in your customers’ browser address bar. The favicon you choose will also be used if a customer bookmarks your page. Favicon image file should be 16px tall and 16px wide.

If you need help creating a favicon, we recommend using a favicon generator, for example,

Tweaking Colors

Using various color and image options can take your job site theme to the next level and match your brand and identity.  

To get started customizing your colors, choose whether you want to customize main color, accent colors and click the color boxes.

You can choose from the color palette or use the color picker tool on the right to select a hue. Once done click Choose

 Choosing Font

To change the font of your website, click Font and in the drop down list select a font you wish for your text to display. Selected font will be applied to all text elements throughout your website. 
Customizing Footer Menu Links in Footer Widget
Footer can be edited if you go to admin panel> Customize theme> Drag and Drop interface> scroll to the bottom> click on Footer widget. When editing the footer text you’ll want to delete reference to pages that you are not using in your site. For pages that will be included use the hyperlink to link to the appropriate pages.

To create a link, start by obtaining the URL to the page you wish to link to. To do so, click navigate to the Pages tab. Click into each page and go to the SEO tab and copy the Page URL. 

Next, navigate back to the Customize Theme> Footer Widget interface and edit the Footer text. Add and highlight the text you wish to be linked to your page. Click the hyperlink tool in the editor and select the option to Insert link.

In the popup, paste in the URL from your page in the URL field and click Ok.

Repeat this process for the rest of your pages you wish to link to in the footer.

Removing SmartJobBoard copyrights

You can remove Powered bySmartJobBoard Job Board Software message if you don’t want to show it on your website.

To remove it navigate to Appearance > Customize Theme > Drag and Drop interface> Footer Widget and edit the following line

© 2008-$current_year Powered bySmartJobBoard Job Board Software

$current_year variable shows the current year. When finish click Save

Navigation Menu

Smartjobboard websites come with the default main menu and footer menu that appear on every page of the website. Each menu item contains links which site visitors can click or tap to explore your website.

To edit menu items you can under Appearance > Customize theme> Navigation menu.

Make sure to check our Navigation Menu tutorial for more information. 


Inserting Custom CSS and JS

If you feel that you need more advanced design changes and you're familiar with coding, then you can easily add custom CSS and Java Script to make your website look even more unique. 
To get started, in CSS or JS fields add your custom code and click Save. 
Please visit our CSS Tips and Tricks tutorial for more information and some ready- to- use CSS codes that you can apply already now.