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Job Seeker Profiles

Under Job Board > Job Seeker Profile you can manage all job seekers registered on your website. Job Seeker Profile page includes a complete list of your job seekers, both imported and self-added. Name, Email, Registration Date, status and actions buttons are included in the list.

Sorting Job Seeker Profiles

By default, job seeker profiles are sorted by Registration Date. If you pay attention, you may notice that next to the Registration Date there is a small  arrow. This arrow means, that the registration date column sorts your current job seeker profiles in an ascending order (the newest job seekers display on the top).

Click this arrow and your job seeker profiles will be sorted in a descending order (the latest job seeker profiles will be displayed on the top). 

Filtering Job Seeker Profiles

If you need to find a specific job seeker quickly, use the filter tool at the top of the job seeker profiles list.

Simply click Filter Job Seekers and in the filter box, choose whether you want to filter job seeker profiles by email, product purchased, status and click Filter

The filter tool will return all matching results.

Importing Job Seeker Profiles

Smartjobboard created a simple tool to make job seeker profiles import a breeze.

You can import job seekers’ profiles in csv or excel format. If you have your file ready, choose the file type, select fields’ delimiter (only in case you’re uploading file in a csv format), and finally choose encoding, and click Import.

Exporting Job Seeker Profiles  

Exporting job seeker profiles is easy! To get started, navigate to Job Seeker Profiles page click Export Job Seeker button on the top right – hand side. Next, choose username, product, activation and expiration dates and tick listings properties that you would like your export file to include and click Export.

Adding a new job seeker

Job site owners can create job seeker profiles through their admin interface. To do so, navigate to Job Board > Job Seeker Profiles and click Add New Job Seeker and fill out employer details form.

When finish click Add

Login as a job seeker

Sometimes you might need to perform some actions as a job seeker. In Smartjobboard, you can easily log in as a job seeker and view his account. To get started, navigate to job seeker profiles list, select job seeker and view its details. In Job Seeker's details page click "Login" button. 

You will be automatically redirected to job seeker’s “My Account” section.