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Social Login

Do you frequently forget usernames and passwords? So, do your job seekers and employers. All Smartjobboard websites come with the pre-built LinkedIn and Facebook social login add-ons, so that your site visitors can log in to your site using their LinkedIn or Facebook accounts.

Sign in with Linkedin

To enable it, in your Admin > Plugins > Social LogIn Plugin you need to enter your Client ID and  Client Secret. To obtain these credentials you need to create an application in LinkedIn Developer Network. This is the link for your reference

When finish add these credentials in your Smartjobboard admin interface > Social Plugin Settings and click Save.

Now your customers can register/ log in to your job site using their LinkedIn accounts and also auto fill their resumes. However please note, because of the LinkedIn restrictions system will be able to pre-fill information only on the latest work place. 

Sign in with Facebook

To turn on this feature for your site, you need to go to your Admin > Plugins > Social LogIn Plugin> Facebook and enter your App ID and App Secret.

These credentials can be received by creating an application in Facebook Developers Console. This is the link for your reference:

When you finish adding these credentials in Plugins > Social Plugin Settings> Facebook, click Save:


Now, you will need to take following steps to pass Facebook login review:

  • On your Facebook application page, choose Add Product  on the left menu and choose Facebook login next 
  • You will see product settings page. Turn on switches as shown on the screenshot and add your site address with http and https into Valid OAuth redirect URIs  field:

  • Add your app icon into the Settings > Basic, add your site domain, fill out address fields on Privacy Policy and Terms of Service 
  • On Dashboard page, please click on Choose Platform in Get Started with the Facebook SDK  block and choose Web 
  • Next, you will see one field at the bottom of the page. You need to enter your domain name there
  • Fill out "Where is your app hosted?"  block, by adding application name (no less than 7 symbols) and your jobboard site address. Click Next.
  • If everything was filled out correctly, when you click on Open Your App you should see your site on facebook  
  • Return to FB application settings by choosing menu> My Apps:

  • Now you should have Facebook Canvas block in Settings > Basic. Fill in Mobile Site URL
  • Make your application public on App Review page
  • Click on Start a Submisssion  button on App Review page in order to send a request for using facebook profile information
  • Choose following fields in newly opened window: user_website, user_location, user_work_history  and user_education_history : 

  • After doing it, you will see Current Submission block on App Review page. Add there step by step instructions on what this information will be used for.
  • You will also need to attach videos with the sequences of all steps. Examples can be found here:

NOTE: You can use these videos, or record your own in case if your site looks different from the one used in the video.

  • Choose Web platform in "What platforms does your app use ___?"  block, and choose first checkmark in "How is your app using ____?"  block
  • After everything is filled out, you need to send App Review, by clicking Submit

NOTE: If your facebook profile is inactive, Facebook will ask you to attach your passport photo or any other identification document. If you attached it, you need to wait for confirmation and answer from Login Review team.