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All Smartjobboard websites come with the default main menu and footer menu that appear on every page of the website. Each menu item contains links which site visitors can click or tap to explore your website.

To edit menu items you can under Appearance > Customize theme> Navigation menu.

The default main menu contains the following menu items:

Jobs - a list of all available jobs on your website.

Companies - a list of all companies that registered on your website

Post a job - a quick job posting form for your employers

Resume search - a list of all available resumes

Pricing - pricing details

Adding a new menu item

To get started, click the Add Menu Item in the top right. In a blank box that appears under the existed menu items start inputting Name of your new menu item:

And in the Link field choose the page to which you want this menu item to be linked to:

If in the drop-down list you don’t find the page you need, then make sure to create this page first. To do so, please go to Smartjobboard Admin > Content > Pages and create a page first. Once you save it, the page will automatically appear in the drop -down list.

You may also want to add an External Link to a WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger or any other website. Simply in the drop - down list choose external page option and in the right hand side enter the URL of the external website. You may also activate 'Open in a new Window' with any of the menu items. Once you’re done, click Save.

Creating a Drop-Down Menu (Sub-Menu)

A drop-down menu displays a list of links when your customer hovers their mouse over it.

To create a sub-menu, all you need is to move the needed menu item to right and drop it under the needed main menu item.

Don't forget to click Save when finished to implement the changes.

Reordering Menu Items

Reordering menu items is simple! To reorder, hover your mouse over the menu item you wish to move and click the “three vertical dots icon” on the left hand side

Then, simply drop the menu item where you want and click Save.

Deleting menu items

Deleting menu items is easy. In the menu item list select the item you wish to delete and click Delete. Once deleted, the menu item will not be recoverble.

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