Connecting a Custom Domain Name

Displaying your site under your own domain is easy. Just follow these instructions.

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Domain Name Overview

Not available during the trial period

Under Settings > System Settings > General Settings > Custom Domain Name you can customize the domain name of your job site.

Customizing Your Domain Name

Your job site will be immediately ready to go live with the Smartjobboard default domain name that is created on signup. This will be whatever you entered in Job Board Name field as a sub- domain of the domain

We recommend that you purchase a custom domain name for your website front-page and redirect it to your Smartjobboard domain name.

To get started, you will need to purchase a domain name from a 3rd party Domain Registrar. Here are some 3rd Party Domain Registrars that you can use:

In your Domain Registrar’s admin interface, you will need in DNS records settings add an A Record that points to SmartJobBoard IP which is for both non-www and www versions of your domain. Then, add your custom domain name in your Smartjobboard admin panel.

However, before you signing any contracts with a 3rd party provider, make sure that they will allow you to update your own DNS records. Some providers can charge extra to change them. So, be certain that your chosen domain provider will be able to redirect your domain name to your Smartjobboard website at no additional cost.

Each Domain Registrar has its own interface, in our example below we will cover how to point an A Record to SmartJobBoard IP address using GoDaddy. Following this simple logic, you can point A Record to Smartjobboard IP address using any other Domain Registrar. In case you feel that you need more assistance with pointing your A Record to Smartjobboard IP address, feel free to contact your Domain Registrar's customer support.

Setting your domain name with GoDaddy

GoDaddy has an article with the steps listed here, as well as a short visual animation as well.

In the POINTS TO field paste our IP address and don't forget to click Save once done

Entering Your Custom Domain Name

Once you’ve purchased a domain head back over to your Smartjobboard admin panel and on the Settings > System Settings > General Settings > Custom Domain Name field and enter your domain.

SSL Certificate

Once you've configured your custom domain properly, the SSL certificate will be automatically applied to your site once the DNS has fully propagated.

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