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Banner ads is a great way to generate additional revenue from your job site. You can use banner ads to reserve and sell certain areas of your website for advertisers to promote a particular product or service.

In your Smartjobboard website you can add banners through HTML code (perfectly works for Google AdSense and similar services) or directly upload a banner ad on your website.

To get started, navigate to Appearance > Customize Theme and choose Banner Ads tab

Uploading Banner Images

To upload banner image, choose Image option and click Browse button. If you wish, customers to be redirected somewhere else after clicking on a banner, add a corresponded link in the banner link field.

Inserting HTML/JS code

If you're looking to insert HTML/JS code, choose HTML code option and insert the code you have.

When finished, click Save.

Inserting Google AdSense code

You can use Google Adsense to display and earn revenue from advertisements on your website. Once Google AdSense has been implemented on your website, there is very little maintenance needed, and therefore acts as great supplemental income.

To connect to your AdSense account, navigate to From here, you'll be prompted to login to your Google account.

In your Google AdSense account, you will need to create an ad unit and obtain your Google Adsense code

For more information, please visit Google AdSense User Manual

Also, you can check Quick Sprouts Video Tutorial

If you need a step-by-step training, we recommend you checking Linda's AdSense Tutorials

When finished, navigate to your admin panel and insert Google AdSense code in HTML code field. And don't forget to click Save.

Smartjobboard comes with several spaces where you can upload banner ads:

On top, above the navigation menu

This banner will appear at the top of all pages. The recommended image size is: 728x90

On the right-hand side

This banner will appear at the right-hand side of all pages. Suggested image size: 120x600

On the bottom of the page

Appears at the bottom of all pages. Suggested image size: 728x90

An inline banner in search results

Appears inside job and resume search results. Suggested image size: 600x250.
Please note, inline banners will be shown only once in search results.

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