** Available starting with a Premium subscription.

At Smartjobboard you can easily configure recurring billing options for your employers.

Recurring billing is a subscription-based invoicing system in which bills go out and payments come in without the customer having to directly intervene.

Each month/year, the money is deducted from the user's bank account. All future payments are processed automatically until the user opts out of recurring billing. Recurring subscriptions have a lot of advantages, and here are some of them:

More predictable cash flow - by knowing in advance what money is coming into your account, you can make better-informed decisions about the future.

Fewer missed payments - by making future payments automatic, customers no longer have to log in to their accounts each and every billing cycle. Once they set up recurring payments, they can focus on other, more important things. If there was a failed payment, employers will have 5 days to update their payment details before their subscription is canceled, which includes any posted jobs under that subscription.

Employer notifications - Employers will now get an email notification when there is a failed recurring payment. The email template for that can be found in: Appearance > Email Templates > Recurring Payment Failed.

Setting Up Recurring Subscriptions

Before you get started, make sure in Smartjobboard admin panel to activate Stripe or PayPal Express payment gateway.

At the moment, only Stripe and PayPal Express payment gateways support recurring payments. PayPal Standard will not work with recurring subscriptions.

When finished, navigate to eCommerce > Employer Products, click the Add New Product button at the upper right-hand side and choose Recurring Subscription. 

Next, fill out the fields. Start with creating a product name and description that describes best this product for your customers.

Add price and choose whether you want to bill your customers on a monthly or yearly basis.

If with this product you plan to give an option for your customers to post jobs, then check the Post Jobs field. In this case, the Job Slots field will show up automatically and you can specify there the number of reusable job slots.

Job slots are the maximum number of jobs employer can have posted simultaneously.

You can also leave this field blank for unlimited job slots.

Finally, choose if you want this product to offer Featured Job, Featured Employer options and enable Resume Access.

How Recurring Subscriptions Will Be Displayed on Front-End

On your front-end recurring products will include “per month or per year” notices.

When your customers sign up for this plan, they will be charged automatically either once a month or once a year.

How To Cancel Recurring Subscription

If your customer decides to cancel his recurring subscription, he can do this in his "My Account" section. He just needs to click on "Cancel" button in the "Purchased Products" block.

As an admin you may also cancel recurring subscription via the back-end. For this just open an employer profile in Job Board > Employer Profiles, click on "Employer Products" to see a list of products currently assigned to employer and delete the recurring product by clicking on the delete icon.

Once the subscription is canceled your customer won't be charged anymore. 

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