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Job Seeker Products allow you to charge job seekers on your job board.
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Under Ecommerce > Job Seeker Products you can manage all products available for your job seekers to purchase on your website.

To get started, click Add New Product and start filling in the fields of your new product.

Product Name – enter a name for your product, e.g. Featured resume etc.

Description – enter a short paragraph that best describes your product. It will be visible to your site visitors on a front page. Be sure to take the advantage of the editor to format text if necessary.

Price – specify the price your customers will need to pay to purchase this product.

Post Resume – choose this option if you want your customers to have a possibility to post resumes.

Resume Listing Duration - enter here how many days resume listing should stay active until it expires.

Featured Resume - Check this box, if you want these resumes to display as highlighted above other resumes on the search results page.

Expires in - specify here how many days this product should be active after the purchase.

Available for purchase - set here the start and end date when your customers can purchase this product. Leave these fields blank if you want your product to always be available for a purchase.

Assigned to Job Seeker upon registration - check this box if you want newly registered job seekers to be automatically assigned to this product. E.g. if you’d like to offer free resume posting, you may create a resume posting product and activate this setting. In this case job seekers will be able to post resumes just after they register. Please note that you can have only one product to be assigned to job seeker upon registration.

Trial - check this box if you want customers to purchase this product to try your service. Such product will be available for a purchase only once, and will be hidden from the list of products after the first purchase.

 Active - check this box, if you want this product to be active. When you finish customizing your products, they will be displayed in Job Seeker's Pricing Page.

Adding Job Seekers Pricing Page to the Top Menu

By default, Smartjobboard doesn't show Job Seeker's Pricing in its top menu. So, if you're going to offer paid services to candidates, don't forget to add it. To do so, navigate to your Appearance > Navigation Menu and add a new menu item.

When finish customizing your Job Seeker Products, click Save. 

Custom Product Order on Pricing Page

Have you ever wondered if you can control products display on your pricing page? Smartjobboard offers an easy-to-use drop-and-drop feature that will help you set your own products order on pricing page.

To get started, navigate to admin panel > ecommerce > job seeker products and drag and drop the products using the icon on the left-hand side to change the order.

When you’re finished, products on your pricing page will be displayed exactly in the same order as in your admin panel.

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