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Get detailed insights to see how jobs on your site are performing

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Using Job Performance report you can see which jobs were most popular in Admin > Reports > Jobs Performance. It is very convenient to see for which jobs and to which companies candidates are applying for:

Filter by date - you can choose to filter by Today, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, or Custom (choose your own date range).

Filter by Employer - choose specific employer if you want to see data by that customer jobs only.

Export - export job performance report to a .csv file

The table includes following data:

Job Title - the title of the particular job

Employer - the company name of the employer

Job Views - a number of job views during selected date range.

Applications - Number of email applications sent for a job during selected date range.

Apply Clicks- Number of apply clicks for a job during selected date range. Applicable only for jobs with "Apply to URL" application method.

Apply Rate - The percentage of job views resulted in an application or apply click.

This data gives you a clear picture for a smart way to spend your advertising budget. You can see which jobs and employers are more popular, and market your job board site accordingly.

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