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Employer Performance
Employer Performance

Get detailed insights to see how your employers are doing

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Each job board owner has to know the insights and details to see how his job board is doing. You must have the tools to measure the efficiency and achieve growth.

Now you can track site performance and get all of that info in a most elaborated way in Admin > Reports > Employer Performance section:

Here you can see who gained more Job views, Applications, Apply clicks for all the jobs they have posted.

Filter by date - you can choose to filter by Today, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, or Custom (choose your own date range).

Filter by Employer - choose specific employer if you want to see data by that customer only.

Export - export employer performance report to a .csv file

The table includes following data:

Jobs posted- number of jobs posted by an employer in the selected date range

Job views- a number of job views of all employer jobs during selected date range.

Applications- a number of email applications sent to employer during selected date range.

Apply clicks- a number of apply clicks for employer jobs during selected date range. Applicable only for jobs with "Apply to URL" application method.

Apply rate- The percentage of job views resulted in an application or apply click.

You might think why on earth would I ever need that info?

Well, this data gives you a clear picture for a smart way to spend your advertising budget. You can see which jobs and employers are more popular, and market your job board site accordingly.

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