JobG8 is a global job boards network that delivers job applications, job seeker traffic and jobs.
JobG8 “Receive Jobs” integration will keep your website fresh, as jobs specific to your niche/audience will be delivered on a regular basis. All you need is to decide which jobs are suitable to your audience and how frequently you would like your website updated.
JobG8 will pay you a revenue on a pay for performance basis as your job seekers review or apply for jobs.

Step 1. Create Jobg8 Account

Before enabling this plugin, you will need to contact Jobg8 directly to request integration. A Jobg8 representative will provide full details of the plugin you have requested and confirm any additional charges.

Visit this page in order to contact JobG8 agents.

If everything goes well and your website is approved for the integration, then you will be assigned a dedicated JobG8 representative, who will help you throughout the integration. Feel free to contact him or her anytime you have a question.

Typically, access details look the following way:

Password: SomePassword

Step 2. Do fields mapping

To get started, navigate to your Admin Interface> Plugins> JobG8 integration plugin> Settings, and click Installation.

Next, in order to ensure that JobG8 categories fit your job board categories, you will need to do fields mapping. This is the only thing you’ll need to do in your Smartjobboard admin panel in order to correctly configure Receive Jobs integration. The rest of the configurations have to be done in JobG8 testing interface.

By default JobG8 categories and job types are already mapped with default categories and job types in Smartjobboard. So you only need to do the mapping if you're going to change a list of categories in Smartjobboard.

To get started click Mapping. In the first column you will see JobG8 categories and job types. In the second column - your your categories and job types. You will need to select the best matches for these fields and click Save, when finished.

For example, JobG8 Accounting category best suits Accounting category in a job board.

Administration - best suits admin - clerical, Advert/ Media/ Entertainment best suits Media-Journalism, Banking & Financial Services - best suits Banking. In a similar fashion, map the rest of the values.

Step 2. Pass your delivery URL over your JobG8 representative

When finished with mapping, you will need to pass a delivery URL to your JobG8 agent.

Your delivery link should include:

https://whatever you entered in a sign up form +

For example:

(slash sign “/ “ after the URL is required).

Once you passed your delivery URL over your JobG8 will send you access details to JobG8 test interface where you can send Post, Amend and Delete test requests.

Step 3. Send Post, Amend, Delete test requests

Next, log in into JobG8 test interface and find Receiving Jobs >Testing tab. There you will need to send Post, Amend and Delete test requests.

Post test - checks the delivery of jobs and whether information in all fields displays correctly.

Amend test - checks whether job details can easily be updated.

Delete test - checks if JobG8 jobs can easily be deleted from your job board.

First, click Send in Post Jobs and navigate back to your job board. In search results you should find a test JobG8 job. It usually takes a few minutes before test job will be posted on your Smartjobboard site.

If the job details displayed correctly - all fields include the correct information, then “Post Job” test went successfully and you’re ready to send the next “Amend Jobs” request. If not, contact JobG8 representative and ask them to check why you have not received the test job.

Click Send in “Amend Jobs” and again navigate back to your job board and find the test JobG8 job. Check whether job details have been updated or not. If yes, then the test went successfully and you’re ready to send the final “Delete” test request. If not, contact your jobG8 representative and ask them to check the system.

When Post and Amend test went successfully, click Send in "Delete Jobs" and see whether the test JobG8 job has been successfully deleted on your website. If yes, then your integration can be considered as completed and your job board is ready to accept live jobs. If not, contact JobG8 and ask them to troubleshoot the issue.

Step 4. Go live

If all three tests: Post, Amend and Delete went successfully your job board is all ready to accept real JobG8 jobs. To enable live mode, please contact JobG8 representative and tell that all three tests were successful and you’re ready to move live.

JobG8 representative will switch then Receive Jobs interface into live mode and will send you real jobs.

View Logs

You can also review the history of all JobG8 incomming jobs on your website. To do so, you will need to open your website's URL + system/cache/jobg8_incoming.log link in a web-browser.

For example:

When finished, you'll see the date JobG8 incoming feeds were sent, request method, IP-address and other relevant information concerning the JobG8's jobs received.

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