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Adding Social Media Links
Adding Social Media Links

Add your social media links to site footer, to help your users find you in social networks

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Adding social media links to your footer is simple. Simply navigate to your Smartjobboard admin panel> Customize theme> Page Builder interface> scroll to the bottom> click on Footer widget.

In the Footer widget you will see all types of social media accounts. You can add new one if you wish. In our example, we are adding "Pinterest"

Now, you would want to link existing social media names with your accounts.
To create a link, click the hyperlink tool in the editor and select the option to Insert link.

In the popup, paste in the URL of your social media account and click Ok.

That's it, now in your footer will be added additional social media links. Repeat this process for the rest of your social media accounts you wish to link to in the footer.

Please note that there are no icon options for anything other than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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