Discounts is a great marketing tool to boost your sales and promote your products.
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** Available starting with a Premium subscription.

Discounts is a great marketing tool to boost your sales and promote your products. SmartJobBoard website owners can create promotion codes that are percentage (20% off) –or flat based ($20 off) and apply them to any product or service.

To get started, navigate to Admin > Ecommerce > Discounts. To keep discount code enabled on your check out page, make sure to keep ticked Enable discount codes.

Otherwise, discount code field will not be shown on your checkout page.

Viewing Discounts

Discount view list includes, discount code itself, discount amount, number of uses, start date and expiry date, status and buttons to deactivate, edit, delete and view log.

To deactivate/ edit/ or delete a discount code simply сheck the box placed on the left-hand side.

Adding a New Discount

To create a new discount navigate to discount list view and click add new discount button. When you access the discount page, you will immediately see the required forms that you need to fill out in order to create your discount code.

In a discount code field, type your promotion code. We suggest create meaningful promotion codes e.g summer sale, veterans discounts etc., in such way it will be easier for your customers and you to apply it and keep track of it and recognize later with what event this discount was associated. Next, specify the discount value and choose whether you want it to be a percentage (20%) – or flat based ($20) and indicate to which products and/ or services you wish this discount code to apply.

Next, specify the number of uses. By default, any discount code has no usage limits. Also, don’t forget to add start date and expiry dates. If you don’t want to set any timeframes for this discount, leave both fields blank.

And finally choose, whether you want this discount to be active right away by ticking the active field or leave it blank if you wish to save it for a later use. Once all set, don’t forget to click Apply

When all ready you, can distribute the discount among your customers or advertise it anywhere on the internet. Please, also keep in mind that disabled promotion codes cannot be applied and only one discount code can be applied at a time.

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