JobG8 is a global job boards network that delivers job applications, job seeker traffic and jobs.
JobG8 “Buy Applications” integration will help you deliver the response to your advertisers demands and expectations. All job boards have hard times filling the roles, or you may have a gap in your audience or a very demanding client. With JobG8 “Buy Applications” plugin you can specify which jobs you need to increase response to. You can also determine your buy price, control your budget and have the facility to set up and manage your own campaigns.

Step 1. Contact Jobg8

Before enabling this plugin, you will need to contact Jobg8 directly to request integration. A Jobg8 representative will provide full details of the plugin you have requested and confirm any additional charges.

Visit this page in order to contact JobG8 agents. 

If everything goes well and your website is approved for the integration, then you will be assigned a dedicated JobG8 representative, who will help you throughout the integration. Feel free to contact him or her anytime you have a question.

Step 2. Receive test access details from JobG8

To get started with the "Buy Applications" integration, contact your JobG8 representative and ask them to provide you with the access details to test "Buy Applications" plugin. Access details will look similar to the following ones:

Test Job Board ID: someid
Password: somepassword

Once you have your access details, navigate to your Smartjobboard admin interface > JobG8 Integration Plugin > Settings. Enable "Buy Applications" and insert JobG8 access details in the following order:

Your Job Board ID = Test Job Board ID
Your Jobboard Password = Password
Jobg8 WSDL URL = Leave URL that is already prefilled in the system.

Please don’t delete “?WSDL” - as it is an important parameter

Step 3. Find a test job that corresponds JobG8 requirements

When finished, please go back to your job listings and find any job that was created on your website. You will need this job to test the JobG8 "Buy Applications" interface.

The ideal test job should include Job Category, Location, Job Description not less than 200 characters, and "How to Apply" field with the choosen "By Email" option.

Also, you will need to know the ID of this job. Job ID you can find in the web-browser tab if you click to edit job details.

In the screen shot above the Job's ID is "24".

Step 4: Send Post, Amend, Delete tests

Now when you have your test job, it's time to send Post, Amend, Delete tests. To do that you will need to open the following URLs in a web browser and click Enter.  Instead of "" make sure to use your website's domain name. [ INSERT JOB ID] [ INSERTJOB ID] [ INSERT JOB ID]

Example of a POST test

The result you should get in case of a successful test posting

Example of an Amend test

The result you should get in case of a successful Amend test posting

Example of a Delete test

The result you should get in case of a successful Delete test posting

Step 5: Send the results of the test posting to your JobG8 representative

Copy the lines that include .advup at the end and forward them over your JobG8 representative.

In our example, it will be:

Post: 4620-2016-07-20-10-41-19-5597273-e9d2def7.advup

Amend: 4620-2016-07-20-10-41-38-5450490-72e6ae4.advup

Delete: 4620-2016-07-20-10-32-29-8761841-ab5d5160.advup

JobG8 will ensure that they successfully received the test job posting at their end. After that they will send you the live credentials to move your integration into a live mode.

Step 6: Move your integration into live mode

If everything is alright JobG8 will send you live access credentials that you will need to enter in your Smartjobboard admin interface > JobG8 Integration Plugin > Settings. 

In the live mode the JobG8 WSDL URL should not include "testing" part. The live JobG8 WSDL URL will be:

When finished click Save. Your "Buy Applications" integation is completed and it is time to celebrate!

Jobg8's job posting requirements

You have selected to send your jobs to the Jobg8 network. In order for these to reach them successfully, please carefully read the requirements below:

  • The company (advertiser) name cannot be more than 100 characters
  • The description must be between 200 (excluding HTML) and 10,000 characters (including HTML). Description lengths that fall outside of this will fail to upload.
  • A category must be sent with the Job Postings
  • Your Category/sector names may differ to Jobg8’s. Please send a list of your Category names to Jobg8. Without these they will be unable to classify the jobs and they will fail to upload.
  • A minimum of a country (location) must be provided. We cannot accept jobs with no location or jobs with the location of “Worldwide”, “Nationwide”

Advanced Filter Parameters

If you want to distribute jobs and buy applications for certain customers only, for customers with certain products or for postings within certain Categories, then check the corresponding boxes and select the corresponding values.

View Logs

You can also review the history of all JobG8 incomming jobs on your website. To do so, you will need to open your website's URL + system/cache/jobg8_incoming.log link in a web-browser.

For example:

View Logs

You can also review the history of all outgoing jobs on your website. To do so, you will need to open your website's URL + /system/cache/jobg8_outgoing.log link in a web-browser.

For example:

When finished, you'll see the date the jobs were sent to JobG8, posting method, uploaded file ID, erros and other relevant information concerning the jobs you've sent to JobG8.

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