Stripe is one of the most user-friendly, affordable and customizable online card processors. As a job board owner, it’s important to make sure that your checkout page is as easy to use as possible for customers. This includes having a hassle-free and secure checkout process.

Stripe is a PCI Level-1 compliant payment processor, which means it is super secure and your payments, along with your customers’ credit card information will not be lost or stolen by anybody.

To intergrate Smartjobboard website with Stripe is very easy. Navigate to your Admin Panel > Ecommerce > Payment Methods section and enter your Stripe’s details that you can find in your Stripe account.

Visit Stripe's website to create an account, if you have not done it yet.

To find API Keys in your Stripe account you can by following this URL:

When you have your Secrect Key and Live Pulishable Key enter them in your Smartjobboard Admin Panel > Ecommerce > Payment Methods >Stripe

When finished, click Save button.

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