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Your Smartjobboard website comes with a number of email templates. These emails are sent to your customers and depend on the event e.g. “a new employer has just registered on your website”, “someone’s payment has successfully been received” etc.

Even though they come ready - made in your website, you may want to customize these emails to make them sound more personal or reflect better your brand identity.

To get started, under Appearance > Email Templates find the template you want to change.

Application Email to Employer - sent automatically to the employer once a new applicant has applied to his job posting.

Employer Welcome email - sent automatically to newly registered employers.

Invitation Email for Company Users - sent when an email address is added to an Employer's Company Users (Enterprise Subscription Only).

Job Alert - sent automatically to everyone who has been subscribed to job alerts newsletter.

Job Expiration Notice - sent automatically to employer when his job posting has been expired.

Job Posting Confirmation - sent to employer when his job posting has been successfully published on the website.

Job Seeker Application Confirmation - sent to job seeker after they apply to.a job, which then confirms the application.

Job Seeker Welcome Email - sent automatically to newly registered job seekers.

Order Confirmation - - sent automatically to the customer when he successfully purchased a product.

Password Recovery - sent automatically to the customer when he asks to reset his account’s password.

Product Expiration Notice - sent to the customer when the product he is subscribed to has been expired.

Recurring Payment Failed - sent automatically to employer if their recurring payment has failed

Recurring Subscription Cancelled - sent automatically to employer when they cancel their recurring subscription

Resume Alerts - sent automatically to employer if resumes match specific search criteria

Resume Expiration Notice - sent automatically to job seeker when his resume has been expired.

Resume Posting Confirmation - sent automatically to job seeker when they have successfully posted their resume

Disable Email Notifications

You as a site owner can choose - to send or not to send system emails to users.

If you don’t want your employers and job seekers to be overwhelmed by automatic email notifications from your site, just disable them, and all problems are solved.

To enable this functionality, please go to Admin > Appearance> Email Templates> click on any email, and you can see Editing interface:

Leave the checkbox on Active status, if you want the email to be sent out.

Customizing Email Content

Once you find the template you want to change click on Edit button. Start customizing your email with the subject line. Put your creative hat on and make subject line exciting and interesting to read. This will help attract more attention of your customers and thus, your open rates will be higher.

If you want someone else to receive this email, add his email in a CC field. 

Next, customize the body of your email. Be sure to take advantage of the editor to format text and provide links and other media content if necessary. Customize the text of the body as you desire. We recommend customizing the greeting and salutation to match your brand.

If you prefer to compose an HTML formatted email, click the Source tab to begin.

You may also notice that once in awhile in our default body texts we use merge codes. These are the texts between curly brackets e.g {website_name}, {job_title} etc. This is a dynamic content. These codes will merge the relevant information on the fly when the email is generated. You’re not required to keep these codes but, if you do so, be sure to preserve the entire code in order for them to populate properly when the email is generated.

Email Text Merge Codes:

Within Appearance > Email Templates, and after selecting a template to edit, you may click the {...} icon and select the fields which you'd like to add to your email.

Once you finish editing your email template, don’t forget to click Save.

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