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You can easily personalize your job board and collect any data you wish your users to add during registration, job and resume posting

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Under Listing Fields > Custom Fields you can edit Job Posting Fields, Resume Posting Fields, Employer Profile, Job Seeker Profile, and Application fields*.

  • Application field is not supported in older plans with custom fields enabled. You must subscribe / upgrade to new Premium plan to enable.

To get started, choose the form you want to edit and click on it. In our example, we will be editing Employer Profile fields.

You can’t delete the default fields, however, you can re-order them. To do so, drag and drop the fields using the icon on the left-hand side and set your own fields order.

Adding a New Field

To add a new field, click Add New Field button on the top. Then enter the caption, which is a required field. Next, in a drop- down list choose the field type.

There are several field types available in SmartJobBoard:

Dropdown – dropdown field is perfect if you want your customers to select just one option from the list. Best used when there are an abundance of options

Multiselect – this field presents a list of options to the user, who can select any, all or none of the options. Best used when there are multiple answers applicable to the user.

Text field – this one line input field accepts all types of text. Entries into this field are limited to 255 characters. Best used for short sentences such as, “Job Titles”.

Text Area – similar to text field, the text area field also accepts all types of text. Additionally, this field accepts any number of characters and comes with a WYSIWYG formatting tool. Best used for long paragraphs such as, “Job Description”, “Additional Information” etc.

Number – You can use number field when you need to collect data that is in numerical format. If the user enters alphabet then they will be notified that they must enter numeric data.

Checkbox – checkbox best use when customers need to confirm any information.

Date –Date fields accepts valid dates. Additionally a pop-up calendar will appear next to the Date field, which allows users to easily select a date

File – file upload field allows your customers to attach a file from a computer to their form submission. An example use would be for collecting resume submissions.

YouTube Video – the intended use of this field is to collect the YouTube URLs. Youtube videos best use to display more information about company and the candidates.

Pictures – this field is similar to file field. It allows your customers to upload pictures from a computer to their form submission. You will also need to specify the required height and width of the image.

Making fields required

Making fields required is simple. All you need to do is to open field details and tick required field.

Required means that your customers will not be able to submit the form without filling this field.

Editing Fields Values

Some type fields, such as Dropdown and Multiselect in order to work properly need values. To edit/ add new values click List Items and start editing/adding new values. When finished, don't forget to click Save. 

Dropdown allows you to select only an individual list item.
Multiselect allows you to select multiple list items

Read more about configuring job types.

To change values order, drag and drop the value using the icon on the left-hand side to change the order. When finished, click Save Order button.

To delete values, click on Delete icon. Please note, once the value is deleted it will not be recoverable.

NOTE: The fields you add to the employer profile won’t be displayed on the employer company page. They are for your internal use only.

In a similar fashion, you can edit/ add new fields in a job seeker profile, resume & job posting forms.

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