Configuring Categories

Categories help organize jobs and simplify for job seekers the job search

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Configuring Categories

Under Listing Fields > Categories you can manage all categories that are available on your website. Categories help organize jobs and simplify for job seekers the job search. We recommend paying some attention to your list and creating it as detailed as possible, as your job seekers might be looking for a very close niche.

By default, Smartjobboard websites come with a number of categories displayed in an alphabetical order.

To change the order click on the icon that is placed on the right-hand side from the category and drop it wherever you need.

To delete the category click Delete icon.

Please note once the category is deleted, it will not be recoverable.

You can edit existing category by clicking on its’ name. Or create a new category, y clicking on Add a New Category button.

When editing or adding a new category, you will see following pop up:

Not only you can add category name now. But you are able to add elaborative Category Description, which will appear on the category page above the job list.

Following are the actual SEO Settings:

Category page title – will be used for title meta tag for a category page.

URL – You can type in custom URL for your category page. Or it will be generated automatically based on the name you chose for your category.

O*NET Taxonomy Code – This value will be indexed by Google and used to classify jobs in this category to a particular category/industry. You will need to start typing to see suggestions.

This will help to enhance the visibility of your job listings in Google Jobs search.

Meta Description – add a description for your category page, which will appear in search engines search results snippet.

Meta Keywords – specify all the keywords for which you want your categories to be found by users who are searching.

And in the end, don't forget to click Ok to save your changes.

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