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Do you wonder how your job site can quickly increase job site traffic and attract high-quality applicants? Create XML feeds and send them to job aggregators (aka job search engines) to reach a wider audience. Or use RSS feeds to distribute your jobs on other websites or social networks. The possibilities are endless!

To get started, navigate to your Smartjobboard admin interface > Settings > RSS/ XML feeds 

There you will see six ready-made feeds:

Standard XML feed
This feed includes all the fields (which might be missed in other formats) and all jobs (including imported). And this feed will give you more freedom in distributing more of your jobs’ data via XML feed.  Select Fields is offered only with the Enterprise subscription, which allows you to add custom fields to your XML feed.

Latest Jobs (RSS)

This feed is using a standard RSS format to publish frequently updated information on your latest jobs. You can add a link to your website for users to access your latest jobs at any time.

Starting January 4, 2019 Indeed will no longer consider new Job Board requests to be included on the site.

This feed is fully compatible with Indeed XML standards. Indeed is indisputably one of the most popular and effective job search engine available today. It generates more traffic than any of its competitors and is a very popular option among job board sites today.

Use this link for instruction on how to get started.

Before you make your feed submission, be sure that your job board follows these important guidelines set out by Indeed: 

Please also note, that according to Indeed requirements, jobs where users are redirected to external websites to complete the application process will not be included in the feed.

Trovit feed is compatible with all Trovit formats and requirements. This is the aggregator you want to use if you are looking to target more of an international audience rather than only US job seekers. Specifically, the site mentions European and Latin American users.

Use this link for more information.

A sitemap is an XML file that contains the URLs of all pages within your site. This file helps crawlers to find and index all of your job board’s content. To find out more on how you can use it, please follow these instructions

Blog Posts RSS
In case if you want to share your blog posts with other sites, this is the best and easiest way to do it. You will be able to share your latest 10 blog posts in RSS format via this feed.

Customizing feeds

You can customize each feed to ensure that only the needed jobs are distributed. Click Customize Feed button and start specifying filtering criteria for the jobs that you want to appear in your feed.

Keywords - enter here the keywords that you want your jobs to include. For example: web-developer, software project manager etc.

Employer- this filter allows you to generate a custom feed with that employer. Feed will contain jobs only from that chosen employer. It is possible to choose only one employer per custom feed

Categories - in a drop-down field select the needed categories.

Job Type - select here the right job-types for your job postings or leave blank for the system to include all job postings in the feed.

Location - specify Location (e.g. City, State) and choose radius.

Featured Jobs - if you want the feed to include only featured jobs, check this option.

Products - If you wish the feed to include only jobs that are posted with particular products select these products in a drop-down. For example, you may have a priority package product and you may want to feed only these priority jobs to paid aggregators such as Indeed etc.

Exclude Imported Jobs - if you wish to exclude imported jobs choose this option.

Jobs Limit - enter here the amount of jobs you would like to include in the feed.

UTM Source - Specify UTM source parameter to be added at the end of job URLs.

When finished, copy generated feed URL and submit your customized XML feed to job aggregators to index your jobs.

How else can you use XML feeds?

To get even more use of your RSS feeds you can submit them to such services as, and others.

In case of Feed.Mikle you can create a custom widget with your jobs and insert the widget's code anywhere on a webpage. All you need is to enter your RSS feed URL, set the colors and sizes of the widget and insert the code on a webpage. When finished your webpage will have a widget with your latest jobs.

With you can easily distribute your jobs in social networks. All you need is to sign up with the service, authenticate your social network account access and publish the feed. It is that easy!

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