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Use auto XML import to easily populate your job board with job listings

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Job auto import lets you automatically import job postings from other job boards or employers ATS using XML feeds.

Under Settings > Job Auto Import you can create and manage your job imports

To create an automatic job import enter your XML feed URL on Create New Auto import page. You may also import your feed from .zip and .gzip archives.

You may also use JSON feeds for your auto import.

Note: Make sure a link you are inserting is an actual XML feed link, not a job list page URL link.

Once you clicked on Next, you will need to specify job import parameters:

Import Name - choose a name for this specific import, to identify it among other imports.
Select Employer -  Imported jobs will be assigned to the employer selected. Leave this field empty to import employer information from XML feed. This way system will create employer accounts automatically, using information from the feed.

Job Expiration - Choose whether you want to have jobs removed if they no longer appear in a feed, or by expiration date

UTM Tracking Tag - You may add this for employers who would like to track applications coming from your job board.

Active Imports run automatically once a day. Automatic run time is always random and is chosen by the server. This is done in order to to decrease load on your website. You will be able to see last run time in Last Import column. 

You can run XML import manually as well, any time you wish. Just click on black Arrow sign. Please note that only the first 1,000 jobs will be imported manually. The rest will import when the our system runs the imports once a day.

If you delete a job auto import, you will be prompted about removing all the jobs that have been imported.

If you have an Enterprise subscription, you have the availability to use Category Mapping, which allows you to map jobs based on job title to specific categories you designate, and only affects new imported jobs

In order to ensure information from the feed is correctly displayed on your site, it is important to map fields accordingly.

Majority of fields from the feed are pre-matched to your site fields automatically. All you have to do is make sure that system matched XML fields from your feed to your job fields correctly. You can make changes to this mapping manually if you want to. 

For cases, when jobs you are importing do not have values for fields that exist in your site, and you know what they should be, you can input these values yourself, by using "Enter value manually" option. 

Example: You have a field called "Job type" on your site, whereas jobs from XML feed doesn't have that field or info. You can go to fields mapping, find Job type from the list, click on Select field, choose "Enter value manually" and type in your value, for instance "Full time". 

Featured field allows jobs to be featured or not featured. Enter value manually and select 1 for featured, or 0 not featured.

If the Expiration Date field is left empty, the job won't expire. The job would only be removed from the feed when it ceases to exists from within the XML feed.

When you finish, click Save

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