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Under Job Board > Job Alerts you can manage all job alerts created on your website. Email, Sign Up Date, Keywords, Location, Categories, Job Type, Company Name, Frequency, Last Sent date, and Status columns are included in the list of choices for more detailed information of each job alert.

Sorting Job Alerts

By default, job alerts are sorted by Sign Up Date. If you pay attention, you may notice that next to the Sign Up Date there is a small arrow. This arrow means, that the sign up date column sorts your current job alerts in an ascending order (the newest job alerts display on the top).

Click this arrow and your job alerts will be sorted in a descending order (the latest job alerts will be displayed on the top).

Filtering Job Alerts

If you need to find a specific job alert quickly, use the filter tool at the top of the job alert list.

Simply click Filter Job Alerts and in the filter box, choose whether you want to filter job alerts by email, frequency, sign up date, status and click Search.

The filter tool will return all matching results.

Exporting Job Alerts

Exporting job alerts is easy! To get started, navigate to Job Alerts page click Export Job Alerts button on the top right – hand side, choose whether you want the file be in csv or xls format. System will automatically start downloading the file.

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