Sometimes it is more convenient for your customers to pay you either in cash, through a bank transfer or check. For these purposes we created “Pay by Invoice” interface where you can provide all the details on how your customers can submit you a payment.

To get started, navigate to your Admin Panel > Payment Methods> Invoice and in Payment Instructions section provide the payment details for your customers.

Then, on your front-end while checking out your customers can choose “Pay by invoice” option.

Once they click “Place order” button, they will see payment instructions that you entered in your admin panel.

System will automatically create an invoice in your back-end and if needed you can send this invoice to your customer for submitting a payment.

To do so, navigate to order details and click "View Invoice"

Then you will see an invoice with payment instructions that you can forward to your customers.

After the payment is received, you can manually mark an order as paid.

In invoice payment gateway interface you also have an option to mark all orders as paid automatically. Simply enable "Mark orders as paid" option and all orders that were paid through "Pay by Invoice" method will be automatically marked as paid.

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