MailChimp is a powerful email-marketing tool that helps manage mailing audience, design beautiful emails and track the results of email campaigns.

To integrate your job board with MailChimp you will need:

1. a MailChimp account

2. a MailChimp Audience (make sure to create two separate audiences: one for your employers and another audience for your job seekers, requires paid MailChimp plan for two audiences)

To configure MailChimp Plugin navigate to Admin Interface > Plugins > Mail Chimp PluginĀ 

And start adding API Key, Employers Audience ID and Job Seekers Audience ID.

To get API Key please follow this URL

Important: On Mailchimp audience settings please do not change the tag of the First Name field ("FNAME").

When finish, please click SaveĀ 

All employers and job seekers emails will automatically be imported to your MailChimp account.

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