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** Only available for jobs in the US

You can enable any of these plugins in your Admin Interface > Settings > Job Backfilling.

Backfill jobs will appear on homepage under Latest Jobs section. By default it is titled Latest Jobs from Web section. And displays 4 jobs at a time.

You can make changes to this section, by going to the admin> Appearance> Customize theme> Drag and Drop design tool> Backfill widget

You will be able to edit the title and change number of jobs displaying at a time.

Backfill jobs will also be displayed below the native jobs (jobs that were posted by employers or manually imported into your job site).

Backfill jobs will not be stored in your database. When users click to view these jobs, they will be redirected to the source website to complete the application process. And you will a get a revenue share.

NOTE: You can choose only one backfill plugin to display at a time.

Talroo Backfill Settings

To get started, navigate to your Admin Panel > Settings > Job Backfilling and activate Talroo job backfill.

Next, you need to join Talroo's Publisher Program and obtain your Publisher ID and password.

Once you receive your ID and password, paste it into the Talroo settings.

By default, Smartjobboard’s ID and password are used.

When finished the jobs from Talroo will appear below the jobs posted on your site.

You can also filter which jobs to display on your website using “Default Filtering Parameters”.

In Keyword Query field you can enter keywords, industry or any words that would relate to the sphere of jobs you want to receive.

Location field – you can input a specific location if you want to limit your backfill jobs to City, State, Province, Region. Once you choose specific location, Talroo will display jobs only from that chosen location only.

Radius field - choose what distance to search within from the search location. By default, Smartjobboard's radius is 25 miles.

With the help of Industry field you can make sure your Talroo search results will contain jobs only from chosen categories. You can choose one or more from the available list.

Job type- you can include or exclude Full time/Professional, Part time, or Gig jobs you receive from Talroo.

NOTE: If you're going to use Backfill feed only and don't have your own jobs yet, you may want to remove the “0 jobs found” header coming up after a job search. You can easily do this by modifying this phrase in Settings > Edit Language section. Just search for "jobs found" an change it to whatever you like.
If you want to hide a phrase altogether, insert "
&nbsp " phrase in there. 

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