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Customizing Footer Menu Links in Footer Widget
Customizing Footer Menu Links in Footer Widget

Add more informative links by configuring footer widget

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Footer can be edited if you go to admin panel> Customize theme> Page Builder interface> scroll to the bottom> click on Footer widget. When editing the footer text you’ll want to delete reference to pages that you are not using in your site. For pages that will be included use the hyperlink to link to the appropriate pages.

To create a link, start by obtaining the URL to the page you wish to link to. To do so, click navigate to the Pages tab. Click into each page and go to the SEO tab and copy the Page URL.

Next, navigate back to the Customize Theme> Footer Widget interface and edit the Footer text. Add and highlight the text you wish to be linked to your page. Click the hyperlink tool in the editor and select the option to Insert link.

In the popup, paste in the URL from your page in the URL field and click Ok.

Repeat this process for the rest of your pages you wish to link to in the footer.

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