Import and Export Resumes

Bulk import and export of resumes with CSV or Excel file formats

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Importing Resumes

Smartjobboard created a simple tool to make resume import a breeze.

Under Job Board > Resumes you can import resumes in csv or excel format. You can use any structure/format within the file, as system will be able to work and extract information from any format you use.
Once file is uploaded, you can click on Next. 

On configuration page, you will see: 

- Product list: choose a product these resumes will be posted under. 

- Mapping table: check matching of fields that system auto-mapped for you.  
Most fields from the file you are importing are already pre-matched to your site fields. But you can make changes to them manually if needed. 

Order of the fields and their names are going to be exactly the same as you have them within an actual imported file.
Table also shows first 3 values for every field taken from an imported file. This is done in order to make mapping process easier for you, and let you see data you are matching.
Fields, which are highlighted in Red will not be imported into the system.
Once everything is checked, you can click Import.

NOTE: Some resumes come with attachments, and you can make sure your imported resumes will contain them when imported into your site.

To import resume files, you can first upload your attachments to online cloud storages like Dropbox, and specify links to the attachments next to the relevant resumes.

You'll need to be able to create a direct link to the resume files.

For Dropbox:

1) Select 'Copy Link' from the dropdown menu of your file in Dropbox:

2) Convert your link(s). Replace with

Exporting Resumes

Exporting resumes is easy! All you need to do is to click on Export Resumes button. Once you click on it, you will see a pop-up notification, which will ask you “Export these (#) resumes?”

The system will export those resume postings, which you have selected prior or will export all resumes, in case if you didn’t’ select any before the button click.
Once you click on Export button there, file it will start downloading to your computer right away.

IMPORTANT: The exported data is provided in CSV format, which is a common format for exports/imports.You'll need to convert the CSV file to Excel spreadsheet to see it as formatted data.Here are instructions on how to convert CSV files to Excel:

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