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Linking Blog to a top menu and footer
Linking Blog to a top menu and footer

Include blog link to your site menu for quick access to your blog section

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Once you’re done creating your blog, it will not be shown anywhere on your site unless you link it. For example, you might want your blog to link to the top menu.

To get started, go to Appearance > Customize theme> Navigation Menu and click Add Menu Item. 

In the Name field enter “Blog” and also in a Link drop - down field choose “Blog”. When finish click Save. 

Now your top menu should include a "Blog" item.

To link your newly created blog in a footer is easy. Simply copy the URL of your blog and navigate to Appearance> Customize Theme > Page builder interface> Footer widget> edit, and edit the Footer text.

Add "Blog" somewhere in the footer and highlight it and click the hyperlink tool in the editor and select the option Insert Link.

Insert the your blog link and click Ok, when finished.

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