Your Smartjobboard Dashboard

Once your job site is up and running, your dashboard will be the main interface of your account. Here you will have an overview of various aspects of your website and insights into how your website is performing.

Choosing Date Periods

To get started, specify the date range for the results displayed on your dashboard. Choose from Today, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days or Total. Total - shows accumulated data since the first day your job site was opened.   

Below the date ranges there are stats boxes to help you gain further insight into how your website is performing and what areas might need some extra attention. For example, you may notice that new employers created an account with you, but still there are no sales. This could be a sign that you are doing something wrong and you need to take actions to stop losing money and customers.

Sales statsbox shows how much sales you have made in the currency you set up under your System Settings.

Jobs Posted – shows a number of active jobs available on your website.

Employers Profiles Created / Job Seeker Profiles Created – show the number of employers/ job seekers profiles created in your job board.

Applications Sent – shows the number of applicants that applied to various job postings.

Job Alerts Created – shows the number of guest alerts created on your job site.

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