Creating new pages with any static content you wish is easy

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Are you looking to create static content pages to explain your customers, for example, “Privacy Policy”, “Terms of Services”, “Payment Policies” etc.? Smartjobboard websites come with built-in web page creation tool, which you can use to generate pages containing information that rarely changes, but that your customers will use often.

Adding a new page

To add a new page, go to your Admin Interface > Content > Pages and click Add New Page button on the left upper corner.

Next, enter your Page Title and Page Content. Be sure to take advantage of the editor to format text and provide links and other media content if necessary to make your page look more exciting.


Also, please note that the content you entered in Page Title field you can use to optimize the display of your page in search engines. Search engines are the tools such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! that search the internet for specified keywords and return a list of the documents where the keywords were found.

Active allows you to enable or disable the page on your site. This allows you to work on your pages before making them publicly visible to your visitors

Once you’re done with Page Title and Page Content, it is time to enter a URL, Meta Description and Meta keywords for your webpage.

A URL is the address for a webpage that is typed into the browser. Typically it includes a page title without stop words (e.g. “or”, “the”, “an”, ”a” etc.). Always try to keep your URLs as short as possible, but at the same time user-friendly

Meta description is another important tool that will help your webpage become more visible in search engines. Meta description is the text that displays below a search results. Typically, it is a brief paragraph that concisely describes your web page content. Meta descriptions can be any length, but search engines generally truncate snippets longer than 160 characters.

Meta Keywords are scanned by search engines and matched to end-users’ search terms. To optimize your traffic to your site, you can specify the search terms for which you wish to have your page returned when end- users search. You can add as many keywords as you wish separated by comma.

Click Save when you’re finished customizing your page.

Deleting a Page

If you wish to delete a webpage from your website, all you need to do is to go to a page list view, select the page you want to remove and click the delete icon. Please keep in mind once the page is deleted, its content won’t be recoverable.

Linking a page to your website

Once you’re done creating your new page, it will not be shown anywhere on your site unless you link it. For example, you might want your new page to link to the footer.

To get started, simply copy the URL of your page and navigate to Customize Theme > Page Builder tool> and edit the Footer widget.

Add and highlight the text you wish to be linked to your page. Click the hyperlink tool in the editor and select the option Insert Link.

Repeat this process for the rest of the pages you wish to link to in the footer.

Also, you can easily add a page to your navigation menu. Check our Navigation Menu tutorial for more information. 

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