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Employer Profile Enhancements

Add your own branding to your profile

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With Employer profile enhancements, in addition to the standard information collected upon Employer sign-up (name, email, etc), Employers may now apply their branding to their company page, which can also be done through the admin backend: Job Board > Employer Profiles > Add New Employer

Applying a background image, as well as specific social media accounts will allow their company page to appear in a format such as this:

Where the background image is displayed along with company name, location, site URL and individual social media icons, when applicable.

The Photo Gallery allows for a total of 10 images to be posted underneath the Company Description to further display additional content such as company culture, and any other visual imagery to help to strengthen the branding.

These features are hidden by default, so you'll want to enable them for your Employers by enabling them within Listing Fields > Custom Fields > Employer Profile Fields

Click on a specific enhancement, uncheck the 'Hidden' box, and click 'Save', and the enhancement will then be available for all Employers, current and new.

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