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Add different filters to help your site users narrow down their search and find exactly what they are looking for

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Under Settings > Refine Search Settings you can customize refine search fields that display on search jobs and search resumes pages.

To get started, specify the limit for the number of items you wish to display in Refine search blocks and click Save.

In a drop – down menu choose the fields you want to add.

To change the order of the fields, hold the icon on the right – hand side and drop it wherever you need.

Adding Custom Fields to Refine Search 

For Premium subscription or higher

Create custom fields by clicking Settings>Listing Fields>Custom Fields and choose from either Job Fields or Resume fields, and then add them to the Refine Search as shown above.

When adding a custom field, choose from either Dropdown or Multiselect, and once Employers or Job Seekers fill out those fields, then the custom fields will be displayed on the job board.

Disabling Refine Search Blocks.

If you do not want to have refine search blocks on your job search and resume search forms, then simply disable them. To do so, just uncheck them in Settings > Refine Search Settings and click Save. Enable them you can at any time.

Deleting Refine Search Fields

To remove items from refine search, simply click the "Delete" icon.

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