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Ready to get started creating your site with Smartjobboard? In this guide, we'll show you basic steps to get your job board up and running.

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Step 1: Configure your basic job board settings

Before you actually start accepting payments and promote your job site, there are few things we recommend you checking beforehand:

  1. Your job site’s admin panel URL will be whatever you entered in your sign up form, plus “” and  “/admin” at the end.  For example,

  2. To check out your website’s front-end click the link icon on the top left on your admin panel or by opening your web-site’s URL in a web-browser.Or you can just enter your job board name plus "” in your browser. E.g.

  3. When you know how to access your backend and frontend, it is time to perform initial setup of your job site, so your site name, email address, time zone, currency and other system settings  are up-to-date. Learn more about configuring system settings. 

  4. In your back-end you will also have “My Account” section, where you can manage and access your billing information, upgrade and downgrade your subscription plan and manage your personal information.  

Step 2: Configure your website’s look and feel.

The look and feel of your job site can be just as important as the jobs you post. All Smartjobboard websites come with a default pre-built job board themes that will give your website a nice, clean look and feel that will definitely contribute to the strength of your brand. 

  1. Select a theme that better fits your business needs and requirements. You can easily do this in Appearance > Themes section of your admin panel.

  2. Upload your logo and favicon, tweak colors, adjust fonts and customize navigation menu and footer links. Learn more about customizing your theme in Smartjobboard. 

  3. Add custom CSS/JS code, If you are looking for more advanced customizations. Customization possibilities with CSS/JS are endless! Learn more about using custom css/js code.

Step 3:  Add and organize products

Now that you’ve completed your initial setup and customized your website’s look and feel, you can start adding products/packages for your employers and job seekers to purchase.

To set up your products:

  1. Navigate to your Smartjobboard admin > Ecommerce > Employer Products or Job Seeker Products and create products. Learn more how to create products in your Smartjobboard website.  

  2. You can come up with diverse charging models to offer a wide variety of options for your customers. Check these sample employer products to get an idea of different revenue models you can have with Smartjobboard.

  3. Use discounts (promotion codes) to drive more sales. Learn more about discounts.

Step 4: Configure payment gateways, so your customers can pay you.

To make sure that your customers can pay you, you need to configure payment gateways.  A payment gateway lets you accept credit cards payment securely. Smartjobboard supports a variety of third-party payment gateways such as: PayPal (Standard and Express), and Stripe.

To set up your payment gateway:

  1. Select a supported payment gateway in your Smartjobboard admin and enable it. 

  2. Set-up payment gateway configuration.

  3. Add your job site’s policies, so your customers are aware of them before they submit you a payment. Learn more about creating pages.

Step 5: Connect your custom DNS (your own domain name)

Your job site will be immediately ready to go live with the Smartjobboard default domain name that is created on signup (for example, This will be whatever you entered in Job Board Name field as a sub-domain of the domain

To connect your custom domain name, you’ll need:

  1. Sign up with any domain registrar, such as: Google Domains, Godaddy, Namecheap ect. 

  2. In Domain Registrar control panel find where you can add A record (if you’re not sure, you can contact domain registrar’s customer support for more assistance on that) 

  3. Point A Record to Smartjobboard IP address which is

  4. Enter your domain name, in your Smartjobboard admin panel > System Settings > Custom Domain name.  Learn more about configuring domain name.

Step 6: Additional good to know things

  1. Configure Google Analytics. Because your job site will be located online, it’s important to be able to track your customer traffic. If you see that one of your channels isn’t bringing in as much traffic as you had hoped, you can review your marketing strategy and put in effort into figuring out what’s working and what isn’t. You can enter your Google Analytics ID in your admin panel >  System Settings > Settings.

  2. Import/ Export Data. You can import and export user profiles and listings in .exe or .csv formats. This means you can easily transfer active database of your existed job seekers/ employers, along with listings, into your Smartjobboard website. With the same ease you can export your users and listings. All you need to get started is to navigate to your Smartjobboard admin panel > Job Seekers/ Employers/ or Job/ Resume Postings and simply click import/ export data.

  3. Backfill your job board with Talroo’s high-quality jobs. Learn more about Talroo Backfilling plug-in.

  4. Submit your XML feeds to the most popular job aggregators. Smartjobboard has a bunch of integration with different job board aggregators. Learn more about syndicating your jobs with job aggregators.

  5. Finally, now when all the setup is done, it’s time to tell people about your job site. Read more in our blog on how to SEO optimize your job board.

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